IN CEREDIGION for 1963 I published the survey of the manor of Gwyn- ionydd Is Cerdin made in 1651, and referred to an earlier record of the manor which is preserved in the Cardiganshire deeds at the Cardiff Free Library. This is Deed no. 262, a paper roll, which is a simple rental of the manor made by Howel John Lloyd in 1564. It is printed here without further comment, but it is interesting to note the sharp increase in rentals payable between 1564 and 1651. The recording of Welsh place-names is much more accurate in 1564 than in 1651. Department of Welsh, MELVILLE RICHARDS University College of North Wales, Bangor Gwestva Llandyssill facta per Howel John Lloyd 1564 Tir y gilvach wen vchaf ijd Tir y gilvach wen yssaf vi s Tir kymanvoydwy xij Tir ystlys merwydd iiij Tir parck llandyssyll iij Tir llandyssyll xv d Tir lloyn tyssyll xiij Tir dol ganved ij Tir aber kerdin ij s ix d Tir pant hoylwen xx d Tir melindre wion xx d Tir arall y melindre wion iiij d Tir pen y pompren (alias keven y llyest) viij d Tir gwern gadwgan xiij d Tir ystlys pant y moch vj d Tir pant y moch vij d Tir Cwm y gaist xvj d Tir Rhiw ffenyd xvj d Tir yr heol hir iiij d Tir Cwm yl iij s xj d Tir pant y Rhedyney iij s Tir glan nythan xx d Tir ystlys pant y veillionen ij s viij d Tir pant yskythan xx d Tir gwar allt y maerdy iiij s ix d Tir blaen nythan a phant wilkin v s viij d Tir Cwm mwedyth iiij d Tir Rhiw lygg sviij d Tir Cwm llin vechan xij d Tir fforest Gerdin vj s viij d Tir y wern iiij d Tir llether hyar v d