THE following bibliographical list brings together under one general heading over three hundred articles and notes relating to the history of Cardiganshire and its people. This fugitive material has been noted by the compiler during a protracted yet fairly systematic examination of the main contents of the various issues of more than fifty Welsh literary and historical periodicals2 which had been published up to 1961. The list also contains references to articles which have appeared in non-Celtic periodicals published mainly between 1946 and 1961. With one exception newspaper articles have not been included. It should, therefore, be made clear at the outset that, although this bibliography includes articles gleaned from within a fairly wide range of periodical literature, it may be described as comprehensive rather than all-inclusive. In a bibliography of this nature it is only to be expected that a large proportion of the articles to which it refers will be found within the pages of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society's own publications.3 It has already been intimated that this present bibliography refers to articles only. The publication of a comprehensive list of printed books and pamphlets about the history of Cardiganshire is a task which should be undertaken at a future date. Indeed a modest start was made to this end in 1924 with the publication of a bibliography of printed literature relating to the local history of the parishes of Cardi- ganshire.4 The limitations of this bibliography were declared in the introductory remarks and the subject need not therefore be discussed here. It is worth noting also that an unpublished work was compiled in 19165 under the title Llenorion Sir Aberteifi braslun o'u hanes a rhestr gyflawn o'u gweithiau cyhoeddedig rhwng 1600-1900, yn gosod allan y lie y'u hargraffwyd, eu dyddiad ac enw'r argraffydd.' This volume, a bio-bibliographical work, is now in the safe keeping of the National Library of Wales." ^he term Welsh is used here in a generic and not in a linguistic sense. 2Except in one or two instances denominational journals have not been examined for the present purpose. 3Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. Transactions and Archaeological Record, Vol. I (1909) — Vol. XIV (1939), continued as Ceredigion. Journal of the Cardiganshire Anti- quarian Society, Vol. I (1950) to date. 4See p. 293 below. 6It was entered for one of the competitions of the National Eisteddfod held in Aberystwyth in that year. •Reference N.L.W. MS. 8705 D.