their imports would receive the serious consideration of the authorities and the support of many Council members. At present, lobster fishing accounts for much of the present life of the harbour when at high summer Pembrokeshire boats come north to join the fleet. Outside the Patches Buoy the Frenchmen ply, and are good scapegoats in any possible local disharmony. Today no-one trawls from Aberystwyth, though there is gear in the sheds and older men insist that the grounds have had time for replenishment. But lobster fishing is comparatively clear and surprisingly free from accident risk, according to results. Participants are happy with just a shadow of the future over their healthy young heads. More than anything Aberystwyth harbour, with a local yacht club of nearly ioo members, still recruiting rapidly because of saturation at neighbouring yacht harbours, is likely to become predominantly a yachting centre when plans for permanent headquarters for town and gown clubs materialise. Will former sites of industry evolve into happy playgrounds all along the coast ? I have deliberately left out local personalities, as to many who have died in my time I felt an attachment difficult to project by this medium. One name alone I will mention, that of the late Mr. Arthur J. Lewis, The Mart,' who never failed to be at the waterfront with his camera when there was anything worth recording. His collection, sadly dispersed, bore a mark of the true photographer, that of seldom repeating the selected angler. Mr. Lewis also constructed beautiful scale models of the steamers Sutton and Teifi which were exhibited in a shop window until sold. Apart from my photographs, the remaining illustrations supporting this article are a tribute to his memory and to the surroundings which he loved as they deserved. The pictures are published by courtesy of his widow. Aberystwyth T. H. MERCHANT