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IT is fitting that our Society, in celebrating its Jubilee, should pay tribute to the pioneers to whose efforts it owes its existence. Foremost among these were the four whose portraits appear opposite, one of whom, Mr. D. D. Evans, is, happily, still with us. i. THE REVEREND J. FRANCIS LLOYD, B.A. Vicar of Llanilar. He was the moving spirit in the formation of the Society and acted as its first honorary secretary. He, Professor Tyrrell Green, and Mr. D. D. Evans met at Lampeter in 1908 to discuss the possibility of forming an antiquarian society in the county and, at their own expense, sent circular letters to a number of likely supporters of the project. The response was slow at first, but by the end of 1909 the first List of Members contained over two hundred names. (Photograph by courtesy of Mr. Lloyd's daughter, Mrs. Brigstocke, J.P., Carmarthen.) 2. THE REVEREND PROFESSOR E. TYRRELL GREEN, M.A. Of St. David's College, Lampeter. He was the first Chairman of the Executive Committee and the first Editor of the Society's Transactions. He had some knowledge of architecture and possessed considerable artistic ability, as witness his sketch of the West Doorway of Strata Florida Abbey and his long series of drawings of church fonts in Cardiganshire which appeared in the earlier volumes of the Transactions. 3. MR. D. D. Evans, J.P. Was born and bred at Llanio, on the site of the Roman station Loventium. He became a justice of the peace at the age of twenty-four and was Chairman of the Tregaron Bench of magistrates until his retirement. Mr. Evans, who now resides at Aberystwyth, possesses a vast fund of local antiquarian lore. 4. MR. R. OSBORNE JONES. Of Ystrad Meurig, headmaster of the Swyddffynnon elementary school. Mr. Osborne Jones joined the Society in its foundation year, 1909, and proved a most valued member until his death in 1957. He contributed interesting articles to the Society's journals, and played a very prominent part in getting the Ministry of Works to assume responsibility for the preservation of the ruins of Strata Florida Abbey and to carry out restoration work there. Two other pioneers who rendered excellent service to the Society in an editorial capacity were the Reverend E. J. Davies, B.A., rector of Bangor Teify, and Mr. D. Ernest Davies, M.A., Lampeter. They assisted the first Editor, Professor Tyrrell Green, the former as Welsh Editor and the latter as Sub-Editor. Mr. D. Ernest Davies later became Honorary Secretary. This Oxford graduate took a great interest in antiquarian matters and was the possessor of good artistic gifts, as may be seen from his lovely sketches of Wern Newydd, Llanina, etc., in the early volumes of Tr/ms/ir.tinnx- Two of the original lady members are still with us, although Miss Evelyn Lewes, formerly of Tyglyn Aeron, is not now able to take an active part in the Society's proceedings. At the Gogerddan meeting in 1909 she read a most interesting paper on the Pryse family and she has subsequently made many valuable contributions. Miss M. E. Jenkins, Llwyn, Llanilar, was with us at the Jubilee meeting at Gogerddan and was the only lady present who had attended also in 1909. May she enjoy years of health and happiness. J. R. Davies.