PROCEEDINGS OF THE CARDIGANSHIRE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY AND OF ITS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE A MEETING of the Executive Committee was held at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, on Saturday, 19 February 1955. Reference was made to the great loss that the Society had sustained through the passing of its chairman, Sir C. Bryner Jones. The secretary was asked to convey the Society's sympathy to Miss Bertha Jones. Professor E. G. Bowen, vice-chairman, consented to act as chairman of the Society until the General Meeting appointed a successor to the late Sir Bryner Jones. It was reported that a certain property on Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, would, in the near future, be offered for sale. It was decided that the Museum Sub-Comm- ittee of the Society should meet the County Library Committee with a view to a joint approach to the Welsh Church Funds Committee in the hope that this property could be purchased and adapted as a County Museum. The honorary treasurer, Mr. Henry Morgan, presented the Statement of Account for the year ending 31 December 1954, and this was adopted. Concern was expressed regarding the Society's income and the fact that membership had been declining. The view was expressed that Cyngor Gwlad Ceredigion (Cardiganshire Rural Community Council), through its secretary, Mr. Dafydd M. Jones, would be able to assist in enlisting new members. The honorary editor of Ceredigion, Mr. Gildas Tibbott, gave a report on the next issue of the journal. Mr. J. R. Davies reported on his enquiries regarding the Trenacatus Stone which had once stood in the grounds of Highmead Mansion. He promised a further report at a later meeting. A meeting of the Executive Committee was held at the University College of Wales on Monday, 25 April 1955, with Professor E. G. Bowen in the chair. Mr. Henry Morgan, honorary treasurer, had intimated that he wished to relinquish this office, which he had held since October 1924. It was decided to recommend to the General Meeting that, if Mr. Morgan's resignation were accepted, Mr. J. R. Davies be appointed honorary treasurer in his stead. Arising from this, it was resolved that Mr. A. E. Farley, assistant honorary secretary, be appointed assistant to the honorary treasurer, and that Mr. Dafydd M. Jones be appointed assistant honorary secretary vice Mr. Farley. It was decided to hold the Annual Field Day and Summer Meeting on Saturday, 2 July, and the arrangements were left to Messrs. J. R. Davies and Dafydd M. Jones. Professor E. G. Bowen reported that members of the Welsh Church Funds Com- mittee had inspected the property on Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, and he gathered that although the members were favourable to the idea of a County Museum they considered it too great a risk to make a financial contribution towards the purchase of premises which they considered only marginably suitable for the purpose. A further difficulty was the attitude of the Aberystwyth Borough Council towards the acquisition of more property on the Promenade for purposes other than residential. After a full discussion, the Committee decided that financial considerations prevented the Society from purchasing this property, but that it would continue its efforts to secure suitable premises for conversion into a Museum, and an approach would be made to the Welsh Church Funds Committee at the appropriate time. It was decided to make enquiries regarding the whereabouts of two old Welsh Bibles which at one time had been in Llanarth Church.