CYMDEITHAS HYNAFIAETHWYR SIR ABERTEIFI JOURNAL OF THE CARDIGANSHIRE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY CYFROL (VOLUME) II With the issue of this, the fourth number, Volume II of CEREDIGION is completed. For convenience in binding, a title-page and other preliminary pages for the whole volume are inserted in this number. Our thanks are due to all the contributors to the volume, be their contributions long or short. The journals of societies such as ours are of necessity entirely dependent for their contents on the goodwill and ready co-operation of voluntary contributors. These Ceredigion, up to the present, has not lacked. May we appeal wholeheartedly for the continuance of that support ? Anyone who is in a position to make a written contribution, whatever its size or character, which may shed light on any aspect of the history of our county is, as a duty to posterity, strongly urged to do so. One may venture to hope that the recent formation of the Aberystwyth Archaeological Society will eventually lead to the appearance of archaeological as well as historical material on the pages of CEREDIGION-there is certainly room for both in the journal of an antiquarian society. The financial position of the Society has, unfortunately, not permitted the inclusion of many illustrations in the second volume of Ceredigion in fact, it has limited them to the last two numbers. In this connection it is a pleasant duty to acknowledge the Society's indebtedness to those whose kindness has made possible the inclusion of some of them. The portrait of the late Sir Bryner Jones in the third number was included by courtesy of Miss Bertha E. Jones, Aberystwyth. In the fourth number the illustration of Green-grove is included by courtesy of Miss Evelyn Lewes, Aber- ystwyth, and those of the exterior and interior of Mount Church by courtesy of Dr. T. Ifor Rees, C.M.G., Rhydypennau, and Mr. E. Alan Young, St. Dogmaels, respectively. CEREDIGION CYLCHGRAWN EDITORIAL 1955 RHIFYN (NUMBER) 4