CYNNWYS (CONTENTS) PAGE EDITORIAL 201 THE CHURCHES OF Mount and VERWIG.. E. G. Bowen 202 THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY CROSS, MOUNT, AND THE CHURCH OF SAINT PEDROG, VERWIG David Bateman 206 SIR JOHN Rhys AN EXPLORER OF ANTIQUITY T. H. Parry- Williams 214 YMFUDO o SIR ABERTEIFI I UNOL DALEITHIAU AMERICA o 1654 HYD 1860 (parhad) Bob Owen 225 THE Leaser Country HOUSES OF CARDIGANSHIRE (continued) Herbert Lloyd-Johnes 241 THE PRINTED MAPS OF CARDIGANSHIRE, 1578—1900, IN THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES M. Gwyneth Lewis 244 THE ABERYSTWYTH TOWN WALLS D. B. Hague 276 BROGYNIN, TREFEIRIG D. B. Hague 277 THE TRENACATUS STONE J. R. Davies 279 REVIEW E. G. Bowen 281 PROCEEDINGS OF THE CARDIGANSHIRE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY AND OF ITS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dafydd M. Jones, D. G. Griffiths, and the Editor 282 LIST OF MEMBERS 286 STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR 1955 291 DARLUNIAU (ILLUSTRATIONS) PL. II. 2-II. 6. THE CARDIGANSHIRE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY (CYMDEITHAS HYNAFIAETHWYR SIR ABERTEIFI) was formed in 1908 for details see the note by Mr. R. Osborne Jones, Ystrad Meurig, an original member, entitled The Genesis of the Society,' in Vol. I, page 102. It suspended operations in 1940 but resumed its activities in 1947. During its first period the Society issued fourteen volumes of Transactions, copies of which (except a few which are out of print) are on sale at Messrs. S. V. Galloway, Booksellers, Pier Street, Aberystwyth (for particulars and prices see page 4 of this cover). Copies of an Index to the Transactions, compiled by Mr. D. G. Griffiths, are on sale at the Cardiganshire Joint Library, Aberystwyth, price two shillings. From 1950 onwards the issue of Transactions is superseded by the issue of Ceredigion, which can, therefore, be regarded as forming a Second Series of publications. The names of the Officers and of the Executive Committee of the Society are printed on page 3 of this cover. Offers of papers to be read at meetings of the Society should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary, but material for publication should be sent to the Honorary Editor. The annual subscription is ten shillings. The use of a Banker's Order is re- commended. The Society warmly welcomes additions to its membership.