TRANSACTIONS OF THE CARDIGANSHIRE ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY Vol. I, Part i. 3s. Vol. I, Part 2. 3s. Vol. I, Part 3. 3s. Vol. II, Out of print Vol. III, 3s. Vol. IV, 3s. Vol. V, Out of print Vol. VI, Out of print Vol. VII, 3s. Vol. VIII, 3s. Vol. IX, 3s. Vol. X, Salter, THE FLOWERING PLANTS AND FERNS OF CARDIGANSHIRE, 2S. 6d. Vol. XI, Out of Print Vol. XII, 3s. Vol. XIII, 3s. Vol. XIV, Thomas, ANIMAL CALL-WORDS, ios. 6d. Copies of the Volumes which are not marked Out of print' can be obtained from Mr. S. V. Galloway, Bookseller, Pier Street, Aberystwyth. Printed by J. D. Lewis & Sons Ltd., Gomerian Press, Llandyssul