International i § 11 Medieval Bibliography The World's Leading Bibliography of Medieval Studies The International Medieval Bibliography appears twice a year and is an invaluable teaching and research tool for the Middle Ages (c. 450 1500). Its unique coverage is ensured by a worldwide network of specialist contributors. EACH ISSUE CONTAINS: 5,000 entries, classified and cross-referenced under 61 headings and 13 geographical areas. Indexes of authors, subjects, manuscripts, personal names and placenames. Regular coverage of over 3,200 journals and over 100 miscellanies, for example Festschriften, conference proceedings, and collections of essays.. PRICES FOR VOLUME 29, PARTS 1 & 2, PUBLISHED IN 1996: Base rate (Ecus) US$rate £ Sterling rate Hard Bound: 245$313.50 £ 199.50 Paper Bound: 220$288.00 £ 183.00 Back issues are available at greatly reduced prices: while stocks last, savings of up to 55% can be obtained for 21-volume sets (3-17 & 20-25 inclusive). Volumes 1, 2, 18, and 19 are available in the form of photocopies at £ 30/547.50 per volume. For further information please write to the Subscriptions Secretary at the International Medieval Institute. 1MB on CD-ROM The International Medieval Bibliography on CD-ROM: a work of fundamental importance to all scholars and students of the European Middle Ages, produced by the International Medieval Institute and Brepols Publishers. The 1MB on CD-ROM features over 210,000 articles on medieval subjects, and an index of key words containing 700,000 references to personal names, medieval and modern placenames, subjects, texts, and manuscripts. The first disc will contain complete data from the 1MB from 1984 to 1993. The rolling programme will eventually build up to a complete edition of the !MB on CD-ROM covering all volumes from the first issue in 1967, to 1997 inclusive. The 1MB on CD-ROM permits full search on authors, specific topics, broad subject fields, geographical areas, and also various combinations of these. Searches are rapid, easy, and comprehensive, thanks to the standardisation of index terms, and the cross-referencing of all variants to their related entries. For orders, please write to: Brepols Publishers, Steenweg op Tielen 68, B-2300 Turnhout, Belgium; tel. +32 (14) 40 25 00, fax. +32 (14) 42 8919. International Medieval Institute, Parkinson Building 1.03 University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, U.K. Tel. +44 (113) 233-3615, Fax. +44 (113) 233-3616 E-mail: