the gaze of complacent Churchmen and smug evangelists, on the northern side of the graveyard of Llangadfan parish church.123 GERAINT H. JENKINS Aberystwyth 125N.L.W., Llangadfan Parish Registers. Jones was buried on 30 November. In a tiny footnote at the end of his obituary to William Jones, Gwallter Mechain claimed that some days before his death Jones 'expressed his earnest desire of having the sacrament administered unto him, which he received with all the symptoms of sincere penitence'. (The Cambrian Register, 1796, p. 250). G. A. Williams (The Search for Beuiah Land, p. 79n) refuses to believe him; so do I. For englynion composed in tribute to Jones following his death, see N.L.W. MS. 1806E, f. 791, and Y Gwyliedydd, Mawrth (1837), p.89.