INDEX TO VOLUME 16 ARTICLES 'Bilingual Difficulty': HMI and the Welsh Language in the Victorian Age, The, by W. Gareth Evans: 494 Disputed Inheritance: The Tredegar Estates in the Eighteenth Century, The, by M. J. Dowden: 36 'Fair and Just Demand'?: Tithe Unrest in Cardiganshire, 1796-1833, A, by Jill Barber: 177 Field Sports, Conservation and the Countryside in Georgian and Victorian Wales, by R. J. Moore-Colyer: 308. Financial Developments in Early Modern Wales and the Emergence of the first Banks, by R. O. Roberts: 291 Fosterage, Adoption and God-Parenthood: Ritual and Fictive Kinship in Medieval Wales, by Llinos Beverley Smith: 1 Gentlemen, Horses and the Turf in Nineteenth-Century Wales, by R. J. Moore- Colyer: 47 Golden Grove Interest in Carmarthenshire Politics, 1804-1821, The, by Matthew Cragoe: 467 Historical Manuscripts Commission and Historians of Wales, The, by Chris Evans: 390 John Spargo, the Social Democratic Federation and the 1898 South Wales Coal Strike, by Kenneth Hilton: 542 Labour Organization among Agricultural Workers in Wales, 1872-1921, by David W. Howell: 63 Liberal Party and Wales after 1945, The, by J. Graham Jones: 326 Medieval 'Overkingship' in Wales: the Earliest Evidence, by N. J. Higham: 145 Miners' Militancy: a study of four South Wales Collieries during the middle of the Twentieth Century, by I. M. Zweiniger-Bargielowska: 356 Montgomeryshire's Liberal Century: Rendel to Hooson, 1880-1979, by Kenneth O. Morgan: 93 Norman Lordship in South-East Wales during the reign of William I, by A. G. Williams: 445 Parliament for Wales Campaign, 1950-1956, The, by J. Graham Jones: 207 Rise of Plas Newydd: Sir Nicholas Bayly and County Elections in Anglesey, 1734-84, The, by Peter D. G. Thomas: 160 Role of Landowners, Entrepreneurs and Railways in the Urban Development of the North Wales coast during the Nineteenth Century, by Allan Fletcher: 514