The latest volume in the attractive series jointly published by the University of Wales Press and the National Museum of Wales, based on exhibits at the Folk Museum at St. Fagans, is T. Alun Davies, The Welsh Dresser and Associated CupboardslY Ddresel Gymreig a Chypyrddau perthynol (pp. 48, £ 4.95), an authoritative and delightfully illustrated booklet on a central feature of Welsh domestic furniture over the centuries. 'History at Source' is a very helpful new series of documents and guides for A-level and Higher Grade students, edited by John Layer and Michael Lynch and published by Hodder and Stoughton. Those received to date are: Michael Lynch, Gladstone and Disraeli, 1991, pp. 123, £ 4.75. Joe Finn, Chartists and Chartism, 1992, pp. 124, £ 4.75. 'Access to History' is a series of concise and readable introductions to major topics in British and European history, for the general reader and the A-level or first-year undergraduate student, edited by Keith Randell and published by Hodder and Stoughton. Those received to date are: Keith Randell, The Early Tudors, 1991, pp. 17, £ 4.75. Adrina Stiles, The Ottoman Empire, 1450-1700, 1992, pp. 170, £ 4.75. Michael Lynch, Reactions and Revolutions: Russia 1881-1924, 1992, pp. 162. £ 4.75. Stewart MacDonald, Charles V: Ruler, Dynast and Defender of the Faith, 1992. pp. 133, £ 4.75. Andrina Stiles, Sweden and the Baltic, 1523-1721, 1992, pp. 138, £ 4.75. Also received: Ceredigion, XI, 3 (1991). Among several important and attractive articles are an authoritative discussion in Welsh of the Methodist preacher, Daniel Rowlands, by Derec Llwyd Morgan; a study of eighteenth-century elections in Cardiganshire, by Peter D. G. Thomas; and an account of the Aberystwyth Little Theatre after the second world war, by R. F. Walker. Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society, XXXIX, parts III, IV (July, October 1991). Revue Roumaine d'Histoire, 1990, 1-4, and 1991, 1-2. These issues dramatically illustrate the liberating effect for historical studies of the overthrow of the Ceausescu régime in Roumania in 1989.