It has been drawn to the editors' attention that, in publishing two articles on E. T. John's role in the movement for Welsh home rule, a note of the author's indebtedness. in respect of several passages, to an unpublished thesis by E. W. Williams, 'The Politics of Welsh Home Rule, 1886-1929' (University of Wales PhD, 1986), was omitted in one instance (Ante, vol. XIII, no. 4 [December 1986], 453-67) and inadequately recorded in another (Ante, vol. XIV, No. 3 [June 1989], 439-69). The author and editors regret any embarrassment caused thereby, and wish to emphasize the great value of Dr. Williams's thesis for the study of this theme. THE POLITICS OF WELSH HOME RULE, 1886-1929 EDITORS' NOTE