CONTENTS Page SIR WILLIAM STANLEY OF HOLT: POLITICS AND FAMILY ALLEGIANCE IN THE LATE FIFTEENTH CENTURY. By Michael K. Jones 1 NATHAN ROGERS AND THE WENTWOOD CASE. By Julian Mitchell 23 OF LIME AND MEN: ASPECTS OF THE COASTAL TRADE IN LIME IN SOUTH-WEST WALES IN THE EIGHTEENTH AND NINETEENTH CENTURIES. By R. J. Moore-Colyer 54 GWYNEDD AND THE GREAT WAR, 1914-1918. By Cyril Parry 78 OBITUARIES: SIR DAVID EVANS (1893-1987) 118 E. D. JONES (1903-1987 121 REVIEWS Bevan and his Socialism (review-article): by Martin Francis Tompson, The Atlantic Archipelago: W. P. Griffith Brooke, The Church and the Welsh Border in the Central Middle Ages: by Huw Pryce Cross and Lloyd (eds.), Thirteenth Century England, I: by R. Malcolm Hogg Griffiths (ed.), Kings and Nobles in the Later Middle Ages: by Roger Virgoe Simms, From Kings to Warlords: by R. R. Davies Jones (ed.), Gentry and Lesser Nobility in Late Medieval Europe: by Joel T. Rosenthal Horrox (ed.), Richard III and the North; English, Richard III and the North of England: by Michael J. Bennett Elton, The Parliament of England, 1559-1581: by Penry Williams Jones, Newitt and Roberts (eds.), Politics and People in Revolutionary England: by Blair Worden Gaunt, The Cromwellian Gazeteer: by Ian Roy Jones, David Williams: the Anvil and the Hammer: by Gwynne Lewis Baber and Williams (eds.), Modem South Wales: by William Ashworth Lowe, Welsh Industrial Workers' Housing, 1775-1875; Lowe, Welsh Country Workers' Housing, 1775-1875: by Neil Evans Continued on inside back cover