Vol. LVII No. 136 November 1984 £ 6.00 BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Edited by F. M. L. THOMPSON CONTENTS: Articles The education of Edward V. N. Orme The local community and the Crown in 1553: the accession of Mary Tudor revisited. R. Tittler and Susan L. Battley Enacting clauses and legislative initiative, 1584-1601. D. M. Dean Thomas Witherings and the reform of the foreign posts, 1632-40. K. Sharpe Initiative and control: the Devon quarter sessions grand jury, 1649-70. S. K. Roberts Invisible servants: the country house and the local community. Jessica A. Gerard Notes and Documents A new version of the ordinances of 1311. M. Prestwich Provincial gentlefolk and legal education in the reign of Edward II. M. J. Bennett The foundation of Christ Church, Oxford and Trinity College, Cambridge in 1546. Jane E. A. Dawson The prosecution of Sir Michael Blount, lieutenant of the Tower of London, 1595. R. B. Manning Oliver Cromwell and distraint of knighthood. B. W. Quintrell The judges' decision on ship money in February 1637: the reaction of Kent. K. Fincham Further reflections on the cabinet in the early years of George Ill's reign. P. Lawson The Stanhope Memorandum of 1888: a reinterpretation. F. W. Beckett Historical News UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Senate House, London WCIE 7HU