A New History of Wales RECENTLY PUBLISHED THE MARCHER LORDS A.C.REEVES This book deals with the Marcher Lords and their lordships from their first appearance in the late-eleventh century until they were legislated out of existence by Henry VIII in 1536. The Marcher lords ruled the collection. of lordships which formed the March of Wales. Attention is given to the challenges and opportunities offered to Marcher lords as they conquered and defended their lordships, administered them and used them for financial gain. The legal and judicial authority of Marcher lords over their subjects was virtually regal, and the Marcher lords therefore offer many examples of the nature of medieval rulership in a fairly compact geographical area. This book pro- vides for the first time an overview of the activities of the Marcher lords and their, contribution to the history of Wales. £ 3.95 ISBN 0 7154 0619 1 Also in the Series: THE GENTRY AND THE ELIZABETHAN STATE Gareth Jones THE NORMAN CONQUERORS David Walker THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY RENAISSANCE Prys Morgan RELIGION AND SOCIETY IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY E. T. Davies Christopher Davies (Publishers) Ltd. Rawlings Road, Llandybie, Dyfed SA18 3 YD