Vol. LI No. 124 November 1978 Price £ 3.00 BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Edited by F. M. L. THOMPSON CONTENTS: Articles England's earliest gazetteer? R. B. Pugh Henry VIII's monastic refoundations of 1536-7 and the course of the dissolution. Elizabeth M. Hallam Seating problems in the house of lords in the early eighteenth century: the evidence of the manuscript minutes. C. Jones The third party in British politics, 1818-21. A. D. Harvey The imperial government and the Canadian-Spanish negotiations, 1878-83. R. A. Shields Notes and Documents The 'Cartulaire de Manosque': a grant to the Templars in Latin Syria and a charter of King Hugh I of Cyprus. P. W. Edbury Chancellors of the Lord Edward: a supplementary note. J. R. Studd The merger of Edward Ill's and Queen Phillippa's households, 1360-9. C. Given- Wilson Privy seals of chief governors in Ireland, 1392-1560. S. G. Ellis The 'faithful brethren' of Edinburgh: the acceptable face of Protestantism. M. Lynch A list of commissioners for the forced loan of 1626-7. R. Cuts Re-election on taking office, 1706-90. J. Cannon and W. A. Speck The Vienna diary of Berta de Bunsen, 28 June-17 August 1914. C. G. D. Howard Historical News UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Senate House, London WCIE 7HU