Lordship and Society in the March of Wales 1282-1400 R. R. Davies 'Professor Davies's book is one of the most impressive and valuable monographs written on the history of Wales during this century. In studying the March or borderland between England and Wales, he tackled a notoriously complex subject which has daunted all but the bravest and most gifted historians. From this ordeal by historical encounter he emerged wholly triumphant. He has given us a superbly documented, artistically rounded, rigorously argued and pungently written study, immediately recognizable as a classic account which will hold its ground for decades to come Prominent among Professor Davies's merits are the exquisite lucidity and the sharp edge of his writing Those who had the good fortune to work with Rees Davies have long regarded him as one of the most promising of young British historians. This book abundantly fulfils that promise, and stamps him as a major scholar. It is a powerful contribution not only to Welsh history but to our understanding of medieval Britain and Europe.' Glanmor Williams in the Western Mail. £ 15 Oxford University Press