CONTENTS Page THE WYNNS OF GWYDIR AND PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS IN WALES, 1604-40. By J. K. Gruenfelder 121 BISHOP WILLIAMS, THE ALTAR CONTROVERSY, AND THE ROYAL SUPREMACY, 1627-41. By H. T. Blethen 142 PRIVATE ENTERPRISE VERSUS MANORIAL RIGHTS: MINERAL PROPERTY DISPUTES IN MID-EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY GLAMORGAN. By Joanna Martin 155 JACK ASHORE: SEAMEN IN CARDIFF BEFORE 1914. By Martin Daunton 176 DAVID WILLIAMS (1900-1978). By Richard Cobb 204 REVIEWS Williams, Canu Crefyddol y Gogynfeirdd: by Rachel Bromwich Walker, The Norman Conquerors: by H. R. Loyn Lefévre and Huygens (eds.), Giraldus Cambrensis; Speculum Duorum: by J. B. Smith Rees (ed.), The Cartulary of Shrewsbury Abbey: by J. B. Smith Rosenthal, Nobles and the Noble Life, 1295-1500: by DeLloyd J. Guth Lander, Crown and Nobility, 1450-1509, and Politics and Power in England, 1450-1509: by T. B. Pugh Williams, The General and Common Sort of People: by C. S. L. Davies Miles, The Sheriffs of the County of Pembroke, 1541-1974: by David W. Howell Thomas, Y Testament Newydd Cymraeg, 1551-1620: by Geraint H. Jenkins Morrill, The Revolt of the Provinces: Conservatives and Radicals in the English Civil War, 1630-1650: by A. M. Johnson Pretty, Two Centuries of Anglesey Schools: by W. Griffith Davies, Hugh Owen: by Gillian Sutherland Jones and Williams (eds.), The Religious Census of 1851: by Robert Currie Hughes, The Wealthiest Commoner: C.R.M. Talbot M.P.: by Prys Morgan Lee, The Origins of the Popular Press in England, 1855-1914: by H. C. G. Matthew Daunton, Coal Metropolis: Cardiff, 1870-1914: by E. W. Edwards Bentley, The Liberal Mind, 1914-1929: by B. K. Murray Addison, The Road to 1945: by E. L. Ellis Adams, Agrarian Landscape Terms: by R. J. Colyer Short Notices Articles relating to the History of Wales published mainly in 1976: 1. Welsh History before 1660: by I. W. Rowlands 2. Welsh History after 1660: by J. G. Jones