INDEX TO VOLUME 8 ARTICLES AND NOTES Clement Davies and the Fall of Neville Chamberlain, 1939-40, by David M. Roberts: 188 Coalowners of South Wales, 1873-80, The, by L. J. Williams: 75 Criminal Vagrant in Mid-Nineteenth Century Wales, The, by D. J. V. Jones: 312 Edward II and the Allegiance of Wales, by J. Beverley Smith: 139 Four Shires Controversy, The, by R. E. Ham: 381 Gildas, Bede and Nennius, by Molly Miller: 456 Hafod Estate under Thomas Johnes and Henry Pelham, Fourth Duke of Newcastle, The, by Richard Colyer: 257 Hagnaby Chronicle and the Battle of Maes Moydog, The, by R. F. Walker: 125 Hywel Dda: Anglophil?, by D. P. Kirby: 1 Mysterious Parliamentary Election at Cardigan Boroughs in 1547, The, by P. S. Edwards: 172 Land-Agent in Nineteenth-Century Wales, The, by Richard Colyer: 401 Non-Violence and the Development of the Welsh Language Society, 1962-c. 1974, by Colin H. Williams: 426 North British Section of the Historia Brittonum, On the, by David N. Dumville: 345 Officers and Household of Henry, Earl of Worcester, 1526-49, The, by W. R. B. Robinson: 26 Old Poor Law in an Industrializing Parish: Aberdare, 1818-36, The, by Alun C. Davies: 285 Richard, Duke of York and the Royal Household in Wales, 1449-50, by Ralph A. Griffiths: 14 Structure and Process of Welsh Emigration to Patagonia, The, by Glyn Williams: 42 OBITUARIES A. H. Dodd, by J. Gwynn Williams: 94 John Goronwy Edwards, by J. Beverley Smith: 466 REVIEWS OF BOOKS AND PERIODICALS Allen and Thompson (eds.), Contrast and Connection: 488 Ambrose, Monmouthshire County Council: 237 Arber-Cooke, Pages from the History of Llandovery. 375 Archaeologia Cambrensis, Index: 378 Barker, Gladstone and Radicalism: 235