Vol. XLIX No. 120 November 1976 Price £ 3.00 BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Edited by A. G. Dickens Contents: Sir Goronwy Edwards 1891-1976 Articles Secular patronage at the court of King Henry II. J. E. Lally Flanders and the Hundred Years War: the quest for the treve marchande. S. P. Pistono The decline and fall of eastern Christianity: a fifteenth-century view. Diana M. Webb Why was there no Reformation in Cologne? R. W. Scribner 'A Jornall of the Convention at Westminster begun the 22 of January 1688-9'. Lois G. Schwoerer The whig party and the press in the early nineteenth century. Asquith Notes and Documents Writs of summons of 1246, 1247 and 1255. A. J. Piper Maritagium and the changing law. Emma Mason A conciliar court of audit at work in the last months of the reign of Henry VII. J. A. Guy Measures to suppress 'la peste Luthenenne' in France, 1521-2. D. S. Hempsall The model survey of 1649. D. W. Hollis, III Historical News UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH SENATE HOUSE, LONDON WCIE 7HU Articles appearing in this journal are abstracted and indexed in HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS and/or AMERICA: HISTORY AND LIFE and the INTERNATIONAL MEDIEVAL BIBLIOGRAPHY