UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS Some Recent Publications "Appeasement" and the English Speaking World RITCHIE OVENDALE Pp. 353 £ 9.00 + 62p Postage An examination of the attitude of the Dominions and the United States towards Neville Chamberlain's policy for the appeasement of Europe. Mental Disorder in Earlier Britain BASIL CLARKE Pp. 335 £ 10.00 + 62p Postage An account of the treatment of madness and personal stresses from the Early Celtic Period to the Seventeenth Century. The Welsh Question- Nationalism in Welsh Politics 1945-1970 ALAN BUTT PHILIP Pp. 367 £ 6.00 + 48p Postage A discussion of the historical, social and economic context in which the recent political development of Welsh Nationalism has taken place. University of Wales Press 6 Gwennyth Street, Cathays, Cardiff, CF2 4YD