UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS Legal History Studies 1972 PAPERS PRESENTED TO THE LEGAL HISTORY CONFERENCE, ABERYSTWYTH, 18-21 JULY 1972 Edited by DAFYDD JENKINS The Dark Age of English Legal History. J. H. Baker Nullity of Marriage and Illegitimacy in the England of the Middle Ages. J. L. Barton A Transatlantic View of the British Constitution. William Huse Dunham, Jr. Plaints and Bills in the History of English Law, mainly in the period 1250-1330. Alan Harding A View of the Admiral Jurisdiction: Sir Matthew Hale and the Civilians. D. E. C. Yale The Forty-shilling Jurisdictional Limit in medieval English Personal Actions. John S. Beckerman The Equity Jurisdiction of the Exchequer. W. H. Bryson The Early-Tudor Star Chamber. J. A. Guy Aspects of Alien Status in medieval English Law, with special reference to Ireland. G. J. Hand The Origins of the later Year Books. E. W. Ives Bibliographical Abbreviations Price £ 3 Postage 25p ISBN 0 7083 0588 1 Full catalogue of all publications may be obtained from THE UNIVERSITY OF WALES PRESS, MERTHYR HOUSE JAMES STREET, CARDIFF