CONTENTS Page THE BLACK PRINCE'S QUO WARRANTO. By G. A. Usher 1 THE ESSEX INHERITANCE. By Howell A. Lloyd 13 THE IMPACT OF RAILWAYS ON AGRICULTURAL DEVELOP- MENT IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY WALES. By David W. Howell 40 Denbighshire's ANNUS MIRABILIS: THE BOROUGH AND COUNTY ELECTIONS OF 1868. By Jane Morgan 63 Shorter Articles: THE ROMAN ARMY IN WALES, A.D. 120-220. By R. G. Livens 88 THESES ON WELSH HISTORy-II. By David Lewis Jones 96 REVIEWS Bowen, Britain and the Western Seaways: by Donald Moore. Addleshaw, The Pastoral Structure of the Celtic Church in Northern Britain: by D. P. Kirby. Jones (ed.), Brenhinedd y Saesson: by J. B. Smith. Evans, Aros Mae: gan Llinos Smith. Jack, Medieval Wales: by A. D. Carr. Phillips, Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke: by G. A. Usher. Gruffydd, Argraffwyr Cyntaf Cymru: gan Prys Morgan. Evans (ed.), The Works of Sir Roger Williams: by C. S. L. Davies. Williams (ed.), John Wesley in Wales, 1739-1790: by J. D. Walsh. Cobb, Reactions to the French Revolution: by Gwynne Lewis. Ward, Religion and Society in England, 1790-1850: by Ursula Henriques. Sanderson, The Universities and British Industry, 1850-1970: by J. R. Webster. Cartwright and Russell, The Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway: by R. V. Barnes. Thomas, Migration and Urban Development: by Michael Morrissey. Matthew, The Liberal Imperialists: by Keith Robbins.