CONTENTS Page EDITORIAL CHARTISM IN WELSH COMMUNITIES. By D. J. V. Jones 243 THE AGRICULTURAL LABOURER IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY WALES. By David W. Howell 262 THE NEW LIBERALISM AND THE CHALLENGE OF LABOUR THE WELSH EXPERIENCE, 1885-1929. By Kenneth O. Morgan 288 GWYNEDD POLITICS, 1900-1920: THE RISE OF A LABOUR PARTY. By Cyril Parry 313 Working-Class LEADERSHIP IN SOUTH WALES, 1900-1920. By Peter Stead 329 THE STRUGGLE AGAINST Company UNIONISM IN THE SOUTH WALES COALFIELD, 1926-1939. By David Smith 354 REVIEWS Millward and Robinson, Landscapes of Britain: The Welsh Marches: by David Walker. Knowles and Hadcock, Medieval Religious Houses: England and Wales: by Michael Richter. Beresford and Hurst (eds.), Deserted Medieval Villages: by R. H. Hilton. Thomas, The Welsh Elizabethan Catholic Martyrs: by Geraint Bowen. Bonser, The Drovers: by David W. Howell. Hughes (ed.), Men of No Property: by Patrick Renshaw. Short Notices.