Vol. XL No. 101 May 1967 Price 15s. Od. BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Contents: Articles The Anglo-French negotiations, 1439 C. T. Allmand Supervising the finances of the third earl of Huntingdon, 1580-95 Claire Cross The rejection of Stratford Canning by Nicholas I F. A. Walker The structure and aims of the Victoria History of the Counties of England R. B. Pugh Notes and Documents The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle used by Æthelweard E. E. Barker A Carthusian carta visitationis of the fifteenth century A. Gray The loyalist opposition in the Interregnum: a letter of Dr. Francis Turner, bishop of Ely, on the Revolution of 1688 R. A. Beddard Historical News, Summaries of Theses, Accessions and Migrations of Historical Manuscripts UNIVERSITY OF LONDON: THE ATHLONE PRESS 2 Gower Street, London, W.C.I. IRISH HISTORICAL STUDIES Edited by T. W. MOODY and T. D. WILLIAMS Vol. XV No. 60 September 1967 Thirty years of Irish historiography: a series of survey articles Dominic O'Daly, an Irish agent of the counter- reformation Sr Benvenuta MacCurtain The Maynooth question of 1845 Rev. E. R. Norman Select documents: XXVII A new list (c. 1600) of Irish dioceses Rev. Aubrey Gwynn Writings on Irish history, 1966 Twenty-ninth Annual Report of the Irish Committee of Historical Sciences, 1966-7 Reviews and short notices Index, etc., to Vol. XV Price 20s. Annual subscription, for two issues, 30s., post free, payable to THE TREASURER, DR. L. M. CULLEN, 40 TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN