Vol. XXXIX No. 100 November 1966 Price 15s. Od. BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Contents: Articles The 'Second' Continuation of the Crowland Chronicle: was it written 'in ten days'? Sir Goronwy Edwards Theory and practice in borough elections to parliament during the later fifteenth century K. N. Houghton The parliamentary diary of John Boys, 1647-8 D. E. Underdown The destruction of the Spanish silver fleet at Vigo in 1702 H. A. F. Kamen Notes and Documents An early Carmelite liturgical calendar from England F. Wormald Articles for a final peace between England and France, 16 June 1393 J. J. N. Palmer Three Suffolk parliamentary elections of the mid- fifteenth century R. Virgoe Historical News, Summaries of Theses, Migrations of Historical Manuscripts UNIVERSITY OF LONDON THE ATHLONE PRESS 2 Gower Street, London, W.C.I. IRISH HISTORICAL STUDIES Edited by T. W. MOODY and T. D. WILLIAMS Vol. XVI No. 59 March 1967 Old ways and new in history By Sir David Keir The southern Irish unionists, the Irish question, and British politics, 1906-14 By P. J. Buckland Frewen's Anglo-American campaign for Federalism, 1910-21 By A. J. Ward Research on Irish history in Irish universities, 1966-7 Reviews and short notices Price 20s. Annual subscription, for two issues, 30s., post free, payable to THE TREASURER, DR. L. M. CULLEN, 38 TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN Published twice yearly by HODGES, FIGGIS AND CO. LTD., 6 DAWSON STREET, DUBLIN