CONTENTS Page ROMAN BRITONS AND PAGAN SAXONS: AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL APPRAISAL. By Leslie Alcock 229 'HENRY II AND THE FIGHT AT COLESHILL': SOME FURTHER REFLECTIONS. By J. Goronwy Edwards .251 THE ECONOMY OF THE LANDED Estates OF PEMBROKESHIRE c. 1680-1830. By David W. Howell 265 Shorter Articles: SIR ROLAND DE VELEVILLE. By S. B. Chrimes 287 THE EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY 'PEMBROKE SOCIETY'. By G. Walters 291 REVIEWS The Estates and Finances of Richard, Duke of York (review article): by C. D. Ross. Wales and the First World War (review article): by Kenneth O. Morgan. Wightman, The Lacy Family in England and Normandy, 1066-1194: by R. H. C. Davis. Jarman, Geoffrey of Monmouth by Edmund Reiss. Altschul, A Baronial Family in Medieval England: the Clares, 1217-1314: by C. H. Knowles. Hewitt, The Organization of War under Edward III: by A. D. Carr. McGinn, John Penry and the Martin Marprelate Controversy: by Glanmor Williams. Usher, Gwysaney and Owston: by Francis Jones. Williams-Jones (ed.), A Calendar of Merioneth Quarter Sessions Rolls, vol. I, 1733-65: by P. D. G. Thomas. Deane, The First Industrial Revolution: by John Morris. Morgan, Freedom or Sacrilege?: a History of the Campaign for Welsh Disestablishment: by P. M. H. Bell. Williams (ed.), Glamorgan Historian, vol. III: by J. Gwynfor Jones. Fairburn, The Golden Hive: by Geraint Dyfnallt Owen. Short Notices. Articles relating to the History of Wales published mainly in 1965. 1. Welsh History before 1660: by Ralph A. Griffiths. 2. Welsh History after 1660: by Prys Morgan.