afores" the 2th day of October 1649 by (signed) Ed Halot James Hibbins Surveyors David Offley John Jeonar The church The church was founded by Mabel daughter of Robert fitz Hamon, wife of Robert, earl of Gloucester and was given by her to the abbey of Bristol with 60 acres of land in the parish.2 It seems to have been held by the vicars of Marshfield as a chapel under that place and in the eighteenth century was constituted into a perpetual curacy and later into a vicarage. Peterstone Wentloog Church. Photo, 1969. Copyright: Royal Commission on Ancient & Historical Monuments in Wales. The present church was built in the fourteenth century and has not been altered since. It has a nave and two aisles separated by tall Early English arches. It was built on piles to raise it above sea level: there are no graves because of the floods and therefore no monumental inscriptions. A mark on the east end shows the height of the floods in 1606, 5ft. 11 in. 1 XXIX 63 I now MLW MS 7669D) 2 Coxe. Monmouthshire p. 74 160 #ILL 6 7#6 7 Lamentable news out of Monmouth- fhire in Wales. CONTAYNING, The wonderfull and moft fearefull accidents of the great ouerflowing of waters in the faide Countyc, drowning infinite numbers of cattell of all kinds, as Sheepe, Oxen, Kine, and horfes, with others together with the lofs of many men, women and Children, and the fubuerfion of XXVI. Parishes in Ianvary Lift. 1607 LONDON Printed for W.W. and are to be foldc in Panics Church yarde at the figne of the Grey-hound Title-page of Pamphlet about the Flood of 1607. Reprinted in 1891. DATE OF PATRON INSTlTUTlON INCUMBENT James Evans, ob. circ. 1787-8, vicar of Marshfield William Jones of Hanover square, London, esq. 8 Aug. 1788 James Evans, to the curacy of the parish church William Jones, ob. 1854 Dean and chapter of 10 March 1854 Samuel Evans, also vicar Bristol of Marshfield References a Now Lambeth Palace MS COMM XIIa/1/75-76. This manuscript was transcribed for Bradney by T. Rees of Acton, a record agent. The transcript contained many inaccuracies and has been corrected from the original.