A window underneath which: In loving remembrance of a great friend and in thankfulness of James Edward Harris, fourteen brothers and sisters dedicated this and the adjoining window An inscription at the south end of the communion table states the reredos was erected in memory of John Joseph Cubitt killed in action in France 29 May 1915 East end on the wall Elizabeth wife of Mr. Lewis Morris of Cardiff. 5 Nov. 1820 aged 50 On north wall Thomas youngest son of Samuel Heineken of this parish, 28 Nov. 1819 aged 17 May wife of William Jones vicar of this parish, 20 July 1847 Also the above Wm Jones, 4 Oct. 1853 aged 75 North wall of chancel Edward Richards vicar, 22 Jan. 1804 aged 59. Erected by their eldest son and only daughter Edward and Ann Richards Also in memory of their maternal grandmother Mary Thomas who died 15 Dec. 1818 aged 87 NAVE On the south wall Underneath lyeth yc body of Francis Creed of this parish who dyed the 17 of September an'o Dom' 1721 aged 52 On the north wall Underneath lies the remains of Wm Morgan, farmer, of this parish, died June 11, 1842, aged 88. Also Eleanor Lewis wife of Thomas Lewis daughter of the above Wro Morgan, died July 22, 1841, aged 54 Flat stone William Morgan of Greenway, gent., August IN THE CHURCHYARD Er coffadwraeth am Isaac Marmont, Tredelarch, yn y plwyf hwn, amadawodd ar fuchedd hon Mawrth 6fed 1865 yn 56 flwyddyn o'i oedran Gorwedd wyf yn wael fy ngwedd Mewn ty pridd y mae fy annedd Mewn gobaeth cryf caf ddod i'r Ian ar ddelw ein Duw yn moraur fam Also of Mary wife of the aforesaid Isaac Marmont who died 24 November 1894 aged 83 Morgan Morgan vicar for 37 years, born 11 Dec. 1826, died 9 Aug. 1899 Coed-y-goras Coed-y-goras though neither in this parish or county deserves mention as having been the seat of a branch of Morgan of Pencoed. It stands in the parish of Llanedern on the river Rumney. James Morgan, fifth son of sir Thomas Morgan of Pencoed, settled here in the sixteenth century. His descendants in the male line became extinct but his great-granddaughter Catherine took it to her husband John ap Thomas ap Morgan ap sir Thomas Gamage of Coity. This branch of Gamage adopted the surname of Morgan, of whom the most distinguished was David Morgan called 'The Welsh Jacobite'. A barrister at law he practised in the courts at Westminster but "not having talents to make a shining figure at the bar he retired into the country after his father's death and lived chiefly upon his estate. He bore, it seems, a very ill character among his neighbours being of a haughty turbulent disposition"7 He joined the army of the Pretender in November 1745 at Preston, marched with them to Manchester but declining to go with the retreating force to Scotland he got as far as Stone in Staffordshire where he was apprehended and taken to Newgate where he was confined. He was tried on the 15 July 1746 by lord chief justice William Lee, was found guilty and executed 30 July 1746. He is described as "of a very mean look" and possessed an estate in St Leonard's Shoreditch "but he let it all run to ruin because he would not pay the ground rent".8 During his imprisonment his wife used to visit him but who she was does not appear. The will of Elizabeth widow of William Morgan of Coed-y-goras, uncle of the Jacobite, is dated 27 Jan. 1726: My late brother Henry Probert of Penallt, esq., dec. my eldest son William Morgan my sister in law Hesther Probert, my brother's widow my father Henry Probert my late brother by the half blood Charles Probert estate I am entitled to as coheir to my father, to my son William my sons Thomas, Henry my daughters Rachaell, Elizabeth and Anne my brother Clifford and sister Clifford and their son Thomas Clifford my nephew Francis