Rumney takes its English name from the river Rhymny. In Welsh it is Tredelerch or as it more properly would be Tre-elerch, the abode of the swans, or perhaps the abode on the swan river. The letter 'd' creeps in before elerch for euphony sake. The parish contains 2,106 acres of land, 5 acres of water and 1,517 acres of tidal water and foreshore. The rateable value in 1815 was £ 2,612 and in 1891 {blank}. The population has been as follows: Year No. of inhabitants 1801 235 1811 237 1821 255 1831 264 1841 315 1881 445 1891 540 The manor The manor was a member of the lordship of Wentllwch, and descended with that lordship to Edward, third duke of Buckingham who was attainted and deprived of his lands and beheaded in 1521. In 1540 it was granted to Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex and upon his attainder reverted to the Crown. In 1574 queen Elizabeth leased it to Matthew Lloyd at the rent of £ 33 12s. Id.2 James I gave it to his son Henry, prince of Wales.2 The church The dedication of this church being to St Augustine, it would appear that this is a Norman foundation. It was given by William earl of Gloucester to the Augustinian monks at BristoP who may have rebuilt and re-dedicated the ancient Welsh church. At the dissolution the chapel dedicated to St Armagillus is referred to which may be the original dedication. Maelgul was an Armorican saint. Until recent years the church was reckoned as a chapelry under Marshfield. It has now been Rumney formed into a vicarage. DATE OF PATRON institution INCUMBENT Thomas Treb'le, vicar in 1535, the living then worth £ 5 I Os. 8d.4 Lewis Powell in 1590, to find a carbine5 I June 1599 Henry Powell6 Dean and chapter of Bristol I July 1730 Thomas Harris Thomas Evans licensed to curacy of Rumney 20 Feb. 1744/5 James Evans, also vicar of Marshfield, ob. 1787-88 Dean and chapter of Bristol 19 May 1788 Edward Richards, ob. 1803-4 the same 23 April 1804 William Green Humfrey, ob. 1812-13 the same 23 Jan. 1813 John Parsons M.A., resigned 1815 the same 9 Sept. 1815 John Latey, M.A. St Edmund Hall, Oxford, son of Richard Latey of South Molton, Devon William Jones, ob. 1853 Dean and chapter of Bristol 25 Jan. 1854 Thomas Rees the same 1862 Morgan Morgan, ob. 1899 1900 David Joseph Davies, B.A. Monumental inscriptions CHANCEL Flat stone: LYETH THE BODY OF GEORGE WATKINS OF RUMNEY IN THE COUNTY OF AGED 48 HERE LYETH THE BODY OF KATHERINE YE WIFE OF GEORGE WATKINS OF THIS PARISH WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE THE 19 DAY OF 1727 AGED 27 YEARS. ALSO OF FRANCES DAUGHTER OF THE ABOVE KATHERINE AND GEORGE, DIED 25 MARCH 1727 AGED