BRIEF GENEALOGICAL TABLE SHOWING DESCENT OF BUTE (AND PLYMOUTH) FAMILIES Herbert family Earls of Pembroke I Thomas 7th Lord Windsor Philip 7th Earl of Pembroke (d. 1683) 1st Earl of Plymouth (d. 1687) (1) John Jeffries m. Charlotte m. Thomas 1st Viscount Windsor (d. 1733) Earls (d. 1702) of Plymouth Herbert 2nd Viscount Windsor (1707-1758) m. Alice Clavering (d. 1776) Alice Elizabeth I (1749-1772) Charlotte m. John 1st Marquess of Bute m. Fanny Coutts m. (1746-1800) (1744-1814) Francis Lord Beauchamp (1746-1800) (1744-1814) John Lord Mountstuart 6 sons 1 son (1767-1794) 2 daughters I daughter m. Elizabeth Crichton (d. 1797) (1) Maria, daughter m. John 2nd Marquess of Bute m. (2) Sophia, daughter James of Earl of Guildford (1793-1848) of Flora, Countess of Loudon (1794-1859) 1 and the Marquess of H. Marquesses of Bute