illustrators, competitions, quizzes and theatrical presentations. A number of libraries had significantly added to their usual programme of promotional activities as part of the National Year of Reading. Having noted the potential of recent developments in the production of software packages in support of reader development, it is now essential to explore the feasibility of developing a scheme such as this in order to promote Welsh- language materials. This would be particularly helpful for those library authorities that employ few or no Welsh-speaking members of staff. 1 Philip Henry Jones, 'Welsh Public Libraries to 1914' [In] Philip Henry Jones and Eiluned Rees, A Nation and its Books: a History of the Book in Wales (Aberystwyth, 1998), 277-86. 2 E.g. Board of Education, Welsh in Education and Life (London, 1927); Ministry of Education, The Structure of the Public Library Service in England and Wales (London, 1959); Ministry of Education, Standards of Public Library Sewice in England and Wales (London, 1962); Council for Wales and Monmouthshire, Report on the Welsh Language Today (London, 1963); Council for the Welsh Language, Publishing in the Welsh Language (Cardiff, 1978); Market Research Working Party, The Book Trade in Wales: Market Research and General Survey (Aberystwyth, 1988); Geraint Evans and Elaine Griffin, The Teifi Library Project (Aberystwyth, 1991). 3 G.J. Williams, Y Wasg Gymraeg Ddoe a Heddiw (Y Bala, 1970). 4 Jones and Rees, 277. 5 For a scholarly account of the social status of the Welsh language during the nineteenth century see G.H. Jenkins, The Welsh Language and its Social Domains 1801-1911 (Cardiff, 2000). 6 G.I. Evans, 'Welsh Public Libraries 1914-1994' [In] Philip Henry Jones and Eiluned Rees, A Nation and its Books: a History of the Book in Wales (Aberystwyth, 1998), 287. 7 Arthur ap Gwynn, 'Modern Welsh books from the point of view of the reader and the librarian'. Report of the proceedings of the eighth conference of library authorities in Wales and Monmouthshire (Aberystwyth, 1933), 46. 8 Alun R. Edwards, Yr Hedyn Mwstard: Atgofion (Llandysul, 1980).