Rheged. There are several clergymen in the family tree: Owen ap David ap Harri, parson of Castell Mae," Robert Prichard, parson of Eglwys Llwyd, through his mother, John Harris, parson of Dinas, 1597',8 'Syr'9 Elidir, vicar of Llanelli, and 'Syr' Ieuan, his brother. George Owen, or George ab Owain,. is styled 'parson of Penbendw (sic) ar Eglwys wen'. In another line he is styled 'Giorg 1597, Person Llanvihangel'.10 John Harris of Dinas was an older brother of Owen Harry and, therefore, uncle to George Owen Harry. Dr. B. G. Charles suggested that the uncle brought his nephew to the notice of George Owen of Henllys. George Owen was patron of Dinas and, alternately, of Whitechurch. John Harris succeeded John Lloyd at Dinas at a date unknown, owing to a hiatus in the Episcopal Registers of St. Davids. Lloyd had been presented to the rectory by William Owen in August 1554, and it is quite possible that John Harris had also been presented by William Owen, who died in 1574, and not by the son, George. All that is known for certain is that John Harris was at Dinas in 1580. Llanfihangel Penbedw was in the gift of the Crown as attached to the lordship of Cilgerran. We know that George Owen Harry was in Pembrokeshire as early as November 1583 for he was a pretty regular witness to deeds relating to the Henllys estate from that month to November 1612. In formal documents he signed himself 'George Owen clerk'.12 As there are no surviving episcopal registers for the diocese of St. Davids between 1565 and 1636 his career can not be traced from that basic source. We may assume that he held curacies in Cemais before 1583 and that he was by then already known to George Owen. Thanks to the latter's interest in advowsons, the letters of admission and institution of George Owen Harry to the rectory of Whitechurch in Cemais on 18 March 1583/4 are preserved in the Bronwydd muniments. George Owen. as patron, presented him to the living. On 16 September 1594 he was instituted to the rectory of Llanfihangel Penbedw in the deanery of Emlyn. He continued to hold the two livings until his death, residing at the last in Llanfihangel Penbedw. We know nothing about his education. He was probably educated at Swansea or Carmarthen, and ordained from a grammar school as the registers of the two ancient universities contain no record of him. No record of his birth has been preserved, the required documents for ordination not being preserved. According to George T. Clark," his father was at one time resident in Reynoldston in Gower. The intermarriages of the children of Thomas Lucas of The Hill, Reynoldston, and the children of Owen Harry are unusually numerous. John, son of Thomas Lucas married Margaret daughter of Owen Harry of Reynoldston. His sister, Ann, married 'Sir' George son of Owen Harry (the title 'Sir' confirms that George Owen Harry did not possess a university degree), another sister, Elizabeth, married Thomas ab Owen Harry, and a third sister, Alice, married Richard ab Owen Harry. Though there is no record of George Owen Harry's birth, there is a lead in depositions taken in a case at Cilgerran, in March-April 1613/14, at which he was a witness. He deposed that he was at Henllys on the morning of George Owen's burial in August or September 1613 (George Owen died on August 25). From this deposition, which gives his age as '60 years and upwards', we can assume that George Owen Harry was born about 1553. George Owen was born about 1552, so the patron and rector of Whitechurch were of much the same age. They had the same interest and the gout-ridden patron must have relied a great deal